Monica Thorsness

Project Manager

Monica joined the BOLD team in November 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She came to BOLD with one degree in Business Administration and another in Display/Visual Presentation.  She has 17+ years experience working in the events industry. Monica also brings along her experience in Musical Theatre Production Management and Dance Show Stage Management.

Fun facts about

She has sung in an acapella chorus for over 30 years.

Her other hobby for the last 10 years is dancing Flamenco.

In her small amount of extra spare time, Monica is equally happy in the middle of a forest or sipping wine with her husband in a vineyard.

Ania Chavez

Project Coordinator

Kelley Bjarnason

Rentals Manager

Kelley graduated  from a career college in 2006 with an Office Administration Certificate (+Honours).  She started working in BOLD’s warehouse in January 2018.  After she became familiar with inventory and warehouse process for decor items such as lanterns, candle holders and tablecloths, she transferred to our Rentals department.  Her good humor and friendly manner make her a natural at customer service.




Fun facts about

She is often smiling and has a quirky view of the world which she uses to elicit laughs from those around her.

Her usual favourite activities are crocheting in the cold months and camping in the warm months.

She named her dog, Tyson, after a famous astrophysicist. But, her dog is not particularly gifted so she tells people he's named after the fighter.