Rental Policies


See something you like? Be sure and contact us early to secure our pieces for your event! We have a huge inventory, many items in large quantities but this may not be so for some of our more specialty items. To ensure you have all the items you want we encourage you to confirm your order as early as possible.

Quotes vs. Orders

Our website is designed to assist you in creating a “Wish List” with estimated pricing for your event decor. Please note, these “Wish Lists” do not guarantee the availability of all products. Once we have received your request via our web-site or by telephone we will process your inquiry internally to determine the availability of all items. We will reply, within 2 business days, and provide you with a rental quote including all of your requests and the availability of each item. It is extremely important to note that a rental quote does not serve as a confirmation of these items. Items are not held for your event until such time as we have received a signed quote and a deposit.

Rental Rates

Prices listed in our catalogue are for a one-day event; however, you may pick up your items one day prior to your event and return back to us one day after your event. Extended rentals rates are available; please contact one of our Rental Associates to inquire. Please contact us if you are unable to return items on the scheduled return day; you will be charged (to your credit card on file) a late return charge of 50% of the rental per day.

Deposits and Billing

A 50% deposit of the estimated rental is required in order to confirm your order and hold the requested inventory items. We require a credit card on file in case of late returns, losses or damages; you will be contacted prior to any charges being processed on this card. Final payments are due 1 week prior to your pick up/delivery date. We accept all major credit cards, debit and cash.

As all subsequent inquiries for your items are denied it is important to note that your deposit is non refundable.

Revisions and Cancellations

We understand that last minute changes are sometimes unavoidable; should you need to make updates to your order we request you do so a minimum of 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery or pick up. If these revisions are made after full payment has been received you will be billed or refunded as necessary.

Revisions made within 48 hours of delivery or pick up must be confirmed by one of our Rental Associates and will not be afforded any refunds.

Please note rental charges are applicable for all items sent to your event regardless of whether they are used or not.

Loss or Damage and Replacement Charges

We take great care of our collection and we ask that you do to! All items received for your event fall under your care for the duration of your rental and you will be responsible for any losses or damages incurred during that period. Our items are precious and we recommend that they are never left unattended. Please note special rates exist for replacement charges that cover the cost of the item as well as the potential lost revenue associated with that piece of inventory.

Return Condition and Cleaning Charges

In order to ensure our items are in excellent repair before being sent out on another event each piece is carefully inspected and cleaned upon its return from your event.

We do not require that you clean our items prior to returning them. However, certain items do require special care. Please ensure all soft goods (tablecloths, drapes, chair covers, carpets, etc) are free of food particles and remain dry. If linen items do become damp please package these separately from the rest to avoid mold and mildew stains. We will supply you with linen bags or bins to be used for returning items.

We require that all glassware such as vases are rinsed of floral debris, and all rental items returned in the bins/boxes that you received them in to ensure they safe return.

Please note additional cleaning charges or replacements costs will be incurred for lost or damaged items; this includes heavy stains, candle wax and rips or tears on any of our soft goods.

All damages to glass, silver or iron ware, such a large chips or cracks, breakage, dents or non-repairable scratches will result in replacement charges. Additional cleaning charges will incur if there is any wax and adhesive removal, excessive soiling, or food or garbage debris.

Additional repair charges will incur if items returned are slightly damaged and can be repaired.

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