Our Process

Our Process - Graph

Every event or exhibit is different, made unique by you, your guests, your brand, your audience, and your circumstances. Through an initial phone consultation or face to face meeting we listen to your needs, absorb your brand, and assess your desired outcomes. We envision the experience you’re trying to create. We ask questions, we ideate, and we jam ideas. All of this forms into a creative brief.

From these concept meetings we create style sheets that aim to reflect the look of your event back to you. Over time these style sheets take on greater detail.. We also use renderings, ground plans to convey your event design.

All of these creative features are accompanied by quotes. We initially price what we think you’ve asked for then adjust the quotes to reflect your budget, keeping the initial intent in mind.

You are assigned a project manager best suited to assisting you. They will guide you through our process and alter and update you on your event as we move forward.
These will be your contacts on site.

In order to confirm we will request a signed contract and a deposit.

Onsite your project manager along with teams of professional, dedicated crew chiefs, crews, and specialists ….. will bring your event to life.

At the conclusion of your event you can always trust on us to debrief with you. Your feedback is invaluable and we want to hear how we can improve.