Project Management

You can rely on us as a one-stop resource. We will connect you with the very best vendors, products, and services. We will have intimate knowledge of your venue and an unsurpassed understanding of new technology available for your project.

Project Management means that you have a dedicated leader for the design elements of your event. We will create production schedules, arrange transportation and logistics, coordinate staff, and work seamlessly with other vendors.

  • We use Gant charts to forecast workflow and phases.
  • We use detailed schedules keep your projects on track and ensure timely installations.
  • We are used to dealing with civic building codes and permitting to ensure your exhibit passes all fire marshal and civic codes.
  • We have several strong engineering partners that we use in cases where engineering stamps may be required.
  • We have riggers and rigging partners in cases where elements are hung overhead.

Project Management is billed on an hourly basis and will be estimated based on the scope of your project.

Contact us today to speak with a Project Manager who can help bring your vision to life!

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