Company History

BOLD was originally founded as BLD Decor and Scenery, providing décor and event ware to the greater Vancouver area. Over its first 10 years, BLD proved itself to be a mainstay in the Vancouver event scene. Its versatility and breadth of ability, along with its stock and inventory, created value for DMC’s, production companies, and visiting corporate planners in the local industry. During the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, BLD flourished and has never looked back.

BOLD is our latest incarnation. Adding an “O” to BLD, we ventured forth into providing a deeper set of services to our clients. Primarily, we launched BOLD Event Rentals in 2016, which presents our entire stock of inventory to a rental marketplace while introducing new offerings of linens, charger plates, chairs, and decor inventory, curated through a depth of new design-based items previously unseen here in Vancouver.

In 2018, BOLD joined the Unit 11 group of companies, expanding our capacity for creating beautiful and innovative events, projects, and spaces.

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