Custom Exhibits

For you, we can build anything.

We create and design exhibits for anything from custom tradeshow booth stands to 200-ft stages. We have designed and built a wide variety of custom staging, custom tradeshow exhibits, displays, and exhibition booth stands for corporate events and tradeshows across BC and Canada.

BOLD has been creating custom exhibits for businesses and events for almost 20 years, and in that time we’ve had to get creative to build exhibits that exceed our customer’s expectations. Whatever the challenge, we’re equipped to create some of the best trade exhibit designs possible. Whether its corporate events, tradeshow marketing, portable displays, pop-up stores, stages, graphics, Olympic pavilions, or anything in between, we can help.

Our clients include corporate marketing and event managers (for large corporations, governments, etc.), agency creative directors or producers, retail stores and malls, and event and festival producers.

Some of the custom designs and exhibits we have created for our diverse group of clients include:

Marketing and Event Displays:

  • Olympic pavilions
  • Pop-up stores
  • Retail space design
  • Tradeshow booth stands
  • Mall displays
  • Marketing kiosks
  • Travelling exhibits
  • Parade floats
  • Unique backdrops for opening launches or announcements
  • Large custom displays at trade conferences
  • 200-ft-wide graphics
  • Electronic push-button visitors displays with graphics
  • Mobile brand trailer
  • Fold out store from a shipping container
  • Festival or concert activation
  • Guerilla activation
  • Experience marketing activation
  • Streetside campaign
  • Travelling exhibits
  • Streetside brand exhibits
  • Complex tiered stage sets, with opening doors, special effects, and revolves
  • 200-ft-wide stage and sets
  • Floating stages
  • Graphic walls
  • Mock retail stores
  • Photo backdrops
  • Giant 3D letters
  • Awards show designs
  • Branded faux ice room, custom ice wall
  • Fashion show design and stage set
  • …and more!

Retail and Mall Displays:

We create a variety of themed custom exhibit designs for malls and retail stores and their customers to enjoy including:

  • Full retail store design
  • Themed retail environment or activation
  • Mall Christmas designs or single displays
  • 65’ high Christmas trees
  • 3 story high atrium display
  • Window displays
  • Custom cabinet
  • Installation services
  • Haunted house
  • Easter exhibit
  • Scavenger hunt game
  • Charity display
  • …and more!

You dream it, we build it!

Over the years a few of our clients have asked for some unique displays for their events. We specialize in custom exhibit design, fabrication, and installation.

Custom exhibits can be small to large in size, and have included a custom food kiosk, a custom market trailer, a 4×4 off-road track that vehicles can drive on, a 2-story viewing platform, a game show set, a kitchen television set, an 80-ft-high graphic with 60” screens embedded, a selfie station, and a digital light wall.

We’re happy to discuss any idea you have for your event, tradeshow booth, or exhibit, and look forward to finding the solution that creates a unique experience for your audience.

Contact us today to discuss what’s possible for your next exhibit or display!

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