Commercial Christmas Decorations

We work for Santa Claus.

That is what one of the children of our project managers said to her one day at home. “Mommy, you work for Santa Claus!” And she said, “Yes, we do.”

We design, create, and install seasonal displays and commercial Christmas decorations as a full one-third of our business. Combining our event division’s theatricality and finesse, and our exhibit division’s engineering and pure know-how, we are able to custom create and install Christmas and seasonal displays for many of the larger shopping centres around BC.

Among others, we provide services for :

  • Guilford Mall
  • Highstreet Mall
  • Metropolis Centre
  • Richmond Centre
  • Park Royal Mall
  • Woodgrove Mall
  • Mayfair Mall

Whether it’s a 65-ft high tree in the blustery outdoors, pop-up Santa displays, professional Christmas light installation, large LED-lit hanging Christmas chandeliers, or 4-ft-diameter red enamel Christmas ornaments, we bring festive holiday cheer to any space.

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